Phrasal verbs with " Z "

Zero in on Direct or focus attention on.

The police have ZEROED IN ON the man they believe to be responsible for the murder.



Zero in on Head for, move towards.

The hurricane is ZEROING IN ON Florida.


Zero out Cut off funding for a project.

The debt was ZEROED OUT by the department.


Zero out Reduce to zero, cancel, remove.

The entry was ZEROED OUT of the database.


Zip around Move quickly.

We ZIPPED AROUND the supermarket to get the shopping done.


Zip by Pass quickly.

The motorbike ZIPPED BY the cars stuck in the traffic jam.


Zip it Keep quiet, say nothing.

He told me to ZIP IT, so I said nothing.


Zip up Keep quiet.

He was being stupid in the meeting, so we told him to ZIP UP.


Zone in Pay attention after not doing so.

I was bored at first but then ZONED IN when things started getting more interesting.


Zone in on Pay attention after not doing so.

I ZONED IN ON what they were saying when they started gossiping.


Zone out Not pay attention.

She ZONED OUT during the lecture because it was so boring.


Zone out Dissociate yourself from a situation.

I put some ambient music on and ZONED OUT.


Zonk out Fall asleep.

I ZONKED OUT during the film and missed most of it.


Zoom in Focus more closely.

The camera ZOOMED IN to show people's faces.


Zoom in on Focus more closely.

The camera ZOOMED IN ON his face.


Zoom off Go somewhere quickly.

He rushed out of the building and ZOOMED OFF in his car.


Zoom out Focus less closely.

The camera ZOOMED OUT to show all the crowd.

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