Phrasal verbs with " D "

Damp down: Calm or reduce feelings, emotions.

Example: They tried to DAMP DOWN the anger over the announcement.


Damp down: Make a fire burn less.

Example: They tried to DAMP DOWN the flames before the fire spread.


Damp off: When there is too much moisture and a plant is affected by fungal parasites.

Example: The seedlings DAMP OFF in the spring if it's very wet.


Dash down: Write something quickly.

Example: He DASHED DOWN a memo and sent it to everybody.


Dash off: Leave somewhere quickly.

Example: It's late- I'm going to DASH OFF home.


Dash off: Do something quickly, especially writing.

Example: He DASHED OFF the report in a couple of hours.


Dawn on: Finally realise or understand something.

Example: The truth only DAWNED ON me much later.


Decide on: Choose, select.

Example: Trevor spent a long time looking at flats before he bought one, but eventually DECIDED ON one near his work.


Decide upon: Choose, select.

Example: Jane spent a long time looking at houses before she bought one, but eventually DECIDED UPON one near her office.


Die away: Become quieter or inaudible (of a sound).

Example: The last notes DIED AWAY and the audience burst into applause.


Die back: When the parts of a plant above ground die, but the roots remain alive.

Example: The plant DIES BACK in the winter.


Die down: Decrease or become quieter.

Example: It was on the front pages of all the papers for a few days, but the interest gradually DIED DOWN.


Die for: Want something a lot.

Example: I'm DYING FOR the weekend- this week's been so hard.


Die off: Become extinct.

Example: Most of the elm trees in the UK DIED OFF when Dutch elm disease arrived.


Die out: Become extinct or disappear.

Example: Some scientists say that the dinosaurs DIED OUT when a comet hit the earth and caused a nuclear winter.


Dig in: Start eating greedily.

Example: We were starving so we really DUG IN when the food finally did arrive.


Dig in: Excavate a protective shelter (military).

Example: Anticipating an artillery barrage, we quickly DUG IN.


Dig into: Reach inside to get something.

Example: She DUG INTO her handbag and pulled out a bunch of keys.


Dig out: Find something you haven't used, seen, etc, for a long time.

Example: I DUG OUT my old university essays.


Dig out: Dig to remove something or someone.

Example: They had to DIG the survivors of the earthquake OUT from the ruins.


Dig up: Find something that is supposed to be secret.

Example: The reporters eventually DUG UP the truth about the affair.


Dig up: Remove something from the ground.

Example: The police DUG UP a body.


Dig up: Make a hole in a road, the ground, etc.

Example: The council have DUG the road UP.


Dine out: Have dinner outside your home.

Example: We DINED OUT because we couldn't be bothered to cook.


Dine out: on Tell a story repeatedly that is well received.

Example: I've DINED OUT ON the story of his accident.


Dip in: Put something in a liquid for a short time.

Example: I DIPPED the brush IN the paint and began painting the wall.


Dip into: Read parts of a book, but not all.

Example: I've been DIPPING INTO the book, but haven't read it properly.


Dip into: Take money out of your savings.

Example: I've had to DIP INTO my savings account to pay for the works on my house.


Dip out: Leave a place without telling anyone.

Example: The party was so dull I DIPPED OUT.


Disagree with: Make someone feel sick or ill.

Example: I feel dreadful; the prawns I had for lunch are DISAGREEING WITH me.


Dish out: Serve food.

Example: I DISHED OUT the dinner.


Dish out: Give something, usually when you shouldn't.

Example: Doctors have been DISHING OUT Viagra to anyone who asks for it.


Dish out: Criticise, when you can't take criticism in return.

Example: He DISHES it OUT, but gets all hurt when anyone responds.


Dish up: Serve food.

Example: He DISHED UP a great dinner when we got back.


Dive in: Start doing something, usually without planning.

Example: When we saw what was happening, we all DIVED IN to help.


Dive in: Start eating.

Example: Dinner's on the table, so DIVE IN.


Dive into: Reach inside something quickly.

Example: She DIVED INTO her bag and pulled out a lighter.


Divide up: Share.

Example: They divided up the profits.


Divvy out: Divide, share.

Example: The waiters and waitresses DIVVY OUT the tips at the end of the night.


Divvy up: Divide, share.

Example: We DIVVIED UP the money equally.


Do away with: Abolish, get rid of.

Example: The United Kingdom DID AWAY WITH the death penalty in 1965.


Do in: Kill.

Example: After he reported the gang, he feared they would DO him IN.


Do out of: Cheat somebody out of something that is rightfully theirs.

Example: They lied on the reference and DID me OUT OF any chance of getting the job.


Do up: Close or fasten clothes, etc.

Example: You must DO UP your safety belt in the back of cars and taxis now.


Do up: Repair and renovate.

Example: It took them six months to DO UP the house before they could actually move in.


Do with: Wish for or ask for (usually after can or could).

Example: I could DO WITH a cold beer about now.


Do without: Manage without something.

Example: There's no sugar, so you'll have to DO WITHOUT.


Dob in: Report someone to teachers, authorities, etc.

Example: He DOBBED me IN to the teacher.


Dob in: Contribute money.

Example: Everyone DOBBED IN some cash to help.


Dob in: Pressure someone into doing something.

Example: He needed some help, so DOBBED us IN.


Dole out: Give out, distribute.

Example: They were DOLING OUT leaflets in front of the station.


Doss about: Spend time doing very little or being unproductive.

Example: I couldn't get down to my work and DOSSED ABOUT all night.


Doss around: Spend time doing very little or being unproductive.

Example: I spent the afternoon DOSSING AROUND.


Doss down: Sleep somewhere temporarily because you don't go home.

Example: I was feeling really tired, so I DOSSED DOWN on his sofa for the night.


Double as: Have a second function or purpose.

Example: My study DOUBLES AS a spare bedroom when we have visitors.


Double back: Go back the way you were coming.

Example: When he saw the police, he DOUBLED BACK and went home.


Double over: Bend over at the waist.

Example: She DOUBLED OVER in pain after being hit in the stomach.


Double up: Bend over at the waist.

Example: He DOUBLED UP in pain after being hit in the stomach.


Double up: Share accommodation because there are too many people.

Example: We had to DOUBLE UP because we hadn't booked enough rooms.


Double up as: Have a second function or purpose.

Example: The display screen DOUBLES UP AS a solar panel.


Doze off: Fall asleep.

Example: The movie was a bit boring and I DOZED OFF halfway through.


Drag on: Be unnecessarily long.

Example: The meeting DRAGGED ON for two and a half hours.


Draw back: Retreat, move backwards.

Example: He DREW BACK when the dog barked.


Draw down: Reduce levels.

Example: The administration want to DRAW DOWN troop numbers as soon as they can.


Draw down: Get funding.

Example: The college wants to DRAW DOWN extra funding for IT provision.


Draw down: To deplete by consumption or heavy spending.

Example: Gas reserves were DRAWN DOWN in the recent cold spell.


Draw even: Equalize one’s competitive position.

Example: The exhausted horse DREW EVEN at the finish line.


Draw in: Get dark earlier.

Example: The nights are DRAWING IN now it's winter.


Draw in: Arrive at a station (for trains).

Example: The train DREW IN and we got off.


Draw into: Get involved in something unpleasant.

Example: I didn't want to take sides because I didn't want to get DRAWN INTO their arguments.


Draw on: Pass slowly (time).

Example: As the lesson DREW ON, the students started to get bored.


Draw on: Inhale smoke from a cigarette, cigar, etc.

Example: He DREW ON his cigarette and coughed.


Draw out: Make something continue longer than needed.

Example: The director DREW the meeting OUT with a lengthy speech.


Draw out: Make a shy person more outgoing.

Example: He was so quiet at first, but the teacher managed to DRAW him OUT and get him to participate.


Draw up: Prepare a contract.

Example: The contract was DRAWN UP by our solicitor.


Draw up: When a vehicle stops.

Example: The police car DREW UP alongside him at the red lights and asked him to pull over.


Dream of: Not think or consider.

Example: I wouldn't even DREAM OF telling her that.


Dream up: Invent something, have an idea.

Example: They DREAMED UP the scheme for the improvements and it was accepted by the board.


Dredge up: Discover things about someone's past.

Example: The newspapers DREDGED UP the details of his affair with his research assistant.


Dress down: Dress casually.

Example: The staff are allowed to DRESS DOWN on Fridays.


Dress down: Scold.

Example: She DRESSED me DOWN for being rude.


Dress up: Dress very smartly.

Example: It's an informal party so there's no need to DRESS UP.


Drift apart: Slowly cease to be close to or friends with someone.

Example: We were great friends at school but DRIFTED APART when we went to different universities.


Drift off: Start to fall asleep.

Example: I was DRIFTING OFF when the noise disturbed me.


Drill down: Search through layers of information on a computer.

Example: I really had to DRILL DOWN to get the answers from the database.


Drill down through: Get to the bottom of something, get detailed data.

Example: They DRILLED DOWN THROUGH the information to find the truth.


Drill into: Repeat something many times to make someone learn it.

Example: The teacher DRILLED the rules INTO the students.


Drink up: Finish a drink.

Example: DRINK UP, please; it's closing time.


Drive away: Force an animal or someone to leave a place.

Example: Their unfriendliness DRIVES customers AWAY.


Drive back: Repulse, force back.

Example: The police DROVE the crowd BACK to give the rescue workers more space.


Drive by: Do something out of a car.

Example: He was killed in a DRIVE-BY shooting.


Drive off: Drive away from a place.

Example: She slammed the car door shut and DROVE OFF without saying a word.


Drive out: Force someone to leave a place.

Example: The soldiers DROVE them OUT of their homes.


Drive up: Make something increase.

Example: The market uncertainty has DRIVEN prices UP.


Drive up: Arrive in a vehicle.

Example: They DROVE UP just as we were about to leave.


Drone on: Talk boringly for a long time.

Example: The minister DRONED ON for an hour and the audience looked increasingly bored.


Drop around: Visit someone, often without making an arrangement.

Example: We DROPPED AROUND to collect the stuff we'd left there last week.


Drop around: Deliver.

Example: I DROPPED AROUND the things they needed.


Drop away: Become smaller- amount, numbers.

Example: The numbers of people attending began the DROP AWAY after a few months.


Drop back: Move towards the back of a group.

Example: He stared at the front, but got tired and DROPPED BACK as the race went on.


Drop by: Pay a brief visit.

Example: He DROPPED BY on his way home from work.


Drop in: Visit without having made arrangements.

Example: I was in the area so I DROPPED IN at the office to see her.


Drop off: Take something or someone to a place and leave it or them there.

Example: I DROPPED the kids OFF at school on my way to work.


Drop off: Fall asleep.

Example: I DROPPED OFF during the play and woke up when it ended.


Drop off: Decrease in number or amount.

Example: Sales have DROPPED OFF in the last few months.


Drop out: Quit a course.

Example: She DROPPED OUT of college and went straight into a good job.


Drop over: Visit for a short time.

Example: I'll DROP OVER on my way back.


Drop round: Visit someone, often without making an arrangement.

Example: We DROPPED ROUND their house on our way.


Drop round: Deliver.

Example: I DROPPED the papers ROUND so she could read them before the meeting.


Drop someone in it: Get someone into trouble.

Example: I really DROPPED him IN IT when I told them what he'd done.


Drop through: Come to nothing, produce no results.

Example: The big scheme he was talking about seems to have DROPPED THROUGH.


Drown in: Cover excessively.

Example: They DROWN the food IN sauce.


Drown out: Be so loud that another sound cannot be heard.

Example: The music DROWNED OUT the sound of the phone ringing.


Drum into: To make someone learn or believe something by constant repetition.

Example: They DRUM all the traps INTO you before the test, so you can't go wrong.


Drum out: Force someone out of their job or position.

Example: They DRUMMED the minister OUT when she was caught lying. The minister was DRUMMED OUT of her post for lying. (The passive form with OF is more common)


Drum up: Increase support or interest.

Example: They are trying to DRUM UP support for the referendum.


Dry off: Dry something quickly, or dry the surface.

Example: I had a shower and DRIED myself OFF.


Dry out: Stop drinking or taking drugs when addicted.

Example: He checked into a clinic to DRY OUT after being arrested for drink-driving.


Dry out: Dry something fully.

Example: They DRIED the fruit OUT in the sun.


Dry up: Lose all the water from a river, lake, source, etc.

Example: The lake DRIED UP because of the water extraction for cotton farming.


Dry up: Stop being supplied with something.

Example: His income DRIED UP when cheaper options became available.


Dry up: Be unable to speak.

Example: She DRIED UP in the press conference.


Dry up: Dry plates, dishes, cutlery, etc, after washing them up.

Example: I washed and DRIED UP.


Duck out of: Avoid doing something.

Example: He DUCKED OUT OF helping us last night.


Duff up: Beat or hit someone repeatedly.

Example: He was DUFFED UP in a night club last night.


Dumb down: Reduce the intellectual level of something in search of popularity.

Example: Television has been DUMBING DOWN the news for years.


Dump on: Treat someone badly.

Example: Her boss DUMPS ON everyone when things go wrong.


Dump on: Criticize heavily, often unfairly.

Example: She DUMPS ON her family a lot.


Dump on: Tell someone your problems.

Example: When he's depressed, he needs someone to DUMP ON.


Dwell on: Spend a lot of time on something.

Example: The programme DWELLED ON little other than the scandal.


Dwell upon: Spend a lot of time on something.

Example: She DWELT UPON the little other than the scandal.

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