Phrasal verbs with " N "

Naff off: Get lost, go away (used as imperative).

Example: He was making a fuss, so I told him to NAFF OFF.

Phrasal verbs with " L "

Land in: Get someone into trouble.

Example: He LANDED ME IN it when he told them what I had done wrong.

Phrasal verbs with " M "

Magic away: Make something disappear quickly.

Example: He MAGICKED the bill AWAY and paid for us all before I could get my wallet out.

Phrasal verbs with " K "


Keel over: Turn upside down.

Example: The boat KEELED OVER in the storm and the crew drowned.

Phrasal verbs with " J "


Jabber away: Talk fast or incomprehensibly.

Example: They started JABBERING AWAY about file systems and lost me completely.

Phrasal verbs with " I "

Iron out: Remove small problems or irregularities.

Example: The management team IRONED OUT the tax problems before they gave the project the OK.

Phrasal verbs with " D "

Damp down: Calm or reduce feelings, emotions.

Example: They tried to DAMP DOWN the anger over the announcement.

Phrasal verbs with " H "

Hack around :Waste time.

Example: I've been HACKING AROUND all morning because I can't get down to doing any revision.

Phrasal verbs with " G "

 Gad about: Visit a lot of different places for pleasure. 

Example: I spent the afternoon GADDING ABOUT in the West End.

Phrasal verbs with " F "


Face off: Confront.

Example: The company FACED OFF the competition.

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