- C -

Calamity is man's true touchstone. Несчастье — лучший пробный камень для человека. Ср. Человек познается в беде.

- A -

Ace in the hole

- B -

Back somebody up

Phrasal verbs with " Z "

Zero in on Direct or focus attention on.

The police have ZEROED IN ON the man they believe to be responsible for the murder.


Phrasal verbs with " Y "

Yack on Talk continuously, especially if it is an annoying way.

He YACKED ON for an hour.


Phrasal verbs with " W "

Wade in Start something or get involved, often without thinking or to forcefully.

He just WADED IN without listening to what anyone had to say.


Phrasal verbs with " U "

Urge on Encourage.

The crowd URGED the players ON.


Phrasal verbs with " T "

Tack on Add something that wasn't planned.

They TACKED ON a new ending to the film when they found that test audiences didn't like the original.

Phrasal verbs with " S "

Saddle up Put a saddle on and prepare an animal to ride.

Example: She SADDLED UP the horse and rode off.


Phrasal verbs with " R "

Race off: Hurry away, leave somewhere quickly.

Example: They RACED OFF when the police arrived.

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